Our Story

Olfi Action Camera 4k Wifi Waterproof - Carl Holding Olfi

We are Olfi®, retailer of the Olfi one.five 4K Action Camera. Proud to be a British company, we’ve got the stunning landscape of North Wales on our doorstep, this is also where our CEO Carl coined the term #onelifefilmit

“At 34, I had major a reality check and my outlook on life changed significantly. I’d always believed in “One Life, Live It” and then the idea came. We researched and we tested; we dabbled and we learned lessons but the end goal was simple.

I wanted to create action cameras that perform well under extreme environments, are easy to use, and most importantly, are great quality and affordable. Guess what? It may have taken 7 years to get this far but, we did it.”

– Carl Long, July 2017

Our Adventures

Our Mission

Look after everyone, and with the Olfi one.five, we even managed to find space for sharp 16 megapixel stills.

The Olfi one.five, with its cinematic 4K 24fps video resolution, captures every valuable moment – from trekking hills with mans best friend to jumping out of a plane, or racing down the side of a mountain to swimming with sharks.

Olfi Action Camera 4k Wifi Waterproof - Carl walking with Nio on his bike


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Phone: +44 (0)1978884327

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