Our Story

Olfi started out as HEDCAMz – a website specialising in action cameras and drones.

From talking to our customers we soon got to hear which features and benefits ‘the people’ wanted from an action camera. Be it price, usability or build quality, we listened to our customers, and with a plethora of knowledge behind us we started licensing-in camera moulds, upgrading the quality of the build materials, and developing our own firmwares.

So, here we are today – The little action camera company from Wales, producing fantastic quality cameras at affordable prices.

Our Beliefs

We believe in living life to its full potential with travel, naps, good food, great wine, great friends, long talks, broadened horizons and a spirit of adventure.

About Us

We are a small action camera company based in North Wales, UK. We love life. During the day we answer your questions, listen to your needs and strive for better. At night time, we do what every normal person does. We rest. And we sleep soundly in our beds. Why? Because we always try our best. Because we’re not corporate. Because we chase customer satisfaction over profits. But mainly because we love our jobs.

A word from Managing Director, Carl Long

“My background is in Electronic engineering and I spent the early part of my working life in highly stressful jobs, with very little time to play. There was no work-life balance.

At the age of 34 I had a major reality check when I was faced with a life changing illness, and realised that life is very short. I didn’t like wearing a suit. I didn’t like waking up with anxiety every morning, I needed change and as I love sports and technology, I blended the two, and eventually created Olfi. Now, not only do I sleep at night, I’ve made it compulsory for all of the Olfi team to sleep at night.”

A word from Helen in Customer Service

“My background is in Hospitality Management. I spent years as a Manager and Operations Manager in the hospitality industry until I’d had enough. My job gave me a lot of stress, and very little job satisfaction. However, I love people so I knew I’d have to find a new career path which involved people. Then Carl suggested I join Olfi, and the rest is history”

A word from Beth in Marketing

“Funny story, Carl had a business meeting with the Director of a tech company I worked for at the time. After his meeting, I had to find out just what he was all about. We ran through his vision of #onelifefilmit and affordable action cameras for the masses. Personally, it was a no-brainer to jump ship, eight years later – I’m still here proudly representing Olfi!

Our Contact Details

+44(0)1978 884 327