Olfi Smartphone App Video Editor

The Olfi App

Record, Edit, and Share.

The Olfi companion app allows you to wirelessly control your Olfi action camera.

Apple and Android Watch support.

*Due to the recent iOS 11 updates, iPad 4/Mini/Air/iPhone6Plus and below will only be able to download and edit video resolutions below 1080/50fps. To download higher res videos to these devices, you will need to purchase an SD card FlashDevice with lightning adapter (not Apple branded).

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App Features

Live Preview

See exactly what your Olfi can see

Start/ Stop Recording

Shoots a range of resolution settings up to 1080p/60fps video.*

Take a photo

Takes a single photo.


Visit the Olfi web store for accessories and mounts.


Be the first to find out all the latest news and information from Olfi.


Do a quick edit of your videos for free and save them to your device.* 


Review and share the content you’ve created.


Change your Olfi’s settings for both video and photo.

Olfi App – Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, you’ll need to download the Olfi app to your smartphone or tablet. This is available for both iOS and Android. With your Olfi one.five powered on and in a video or photo mode, press the up settings button to activate Wi-Fi. You will then need to connect your mobile device to your Olfi using your mobile device’s Wi-Fi settings. You will notice that your Olfi acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot (it will not provide an internet connection). Open the app and you can now control your Olfi.

More information on how to use this feature is available via our Tutorials page.

In your device (phone or tablet) settings, there should be an option to ‘Ask before connecting to available networks’, or something similar. If this is not enabled then your phone or tablet is likely to try and connect to its Usual Wifi (internet based) preference over the Olfi connection.

If you have a SIM in your device too and have Mobile Data enabled, this can, for certain devices but not all, also pull your connection to your Olfi. If your connection won’t hold, try putting your device into Flight Mode, and then enable Wifi. Your issues should be resolved.

The app may quit expectedly if you have errors on your memory card.

If you have corrupt files, delete or fix these before connecting your Olfi to the App.

If you haven’t got corrupt files, your memory card may just need a format to get working properly again. Connect your SD card to a computer and transfer all the files from your memory card. Format your card and then try reloading the files back onto the card to transfer to your phone or tablet

Also, using your memory card in another device, other than the Olfi can cause the App to quit if you haven’t formatted (deleted files) your memory card inside your Olfi after using it in another device first. This is because the App looks for particular file structures on a memory card. Extra files may confuse the App and cause it to quit.

If your device is saying that it cannot connect to the App, or you get a message saying Connected – no internet, this can mean one of three things.

  1. Your Olfi has connected or is trying to connect to another device, and its not the one you intended it to connect to!For example: You have the App on your phone and tablet, and are trying to connect it to your phone. It may be that it is connecting to your tablet instead. When this happens, your device is likely to say attempting to connect or it may even find the device but not actually connect to it – saying no internet available, or something similar.Try changing the name of your Olfi, and altering the password by going into the Setup Menu and altering the Wifi SSID and password. Also, move away from other Wifi devices and try again.
  2.  Your Olfi wifi isn’t working – test this by connecting with a friends phone or tablet as an alternative to see if the issue is with your device or the camera. If they can’t connect either, get in touch with us to let us know!
  3. Your phone or tablet has an issue with its wifi connections. Persistent ‘no internet’ errors tend to relate to your specific mobile or tablet device. Try getting in touch with the manufacturer of your device to see if they can help.

If you can’t get past the ‘Let’s Go’ button on the App, rotate your device and try again. This can happen from time to time if your phone has teetered between orientations.

If you do not see any video or photo thumbnails on the app after tapping the Olfi Gallery button, or your photos or videos will not load properly, please take 3 photos or a single brief video using the app to control the camera and then re-start your Olfi and re-connect to the App, and try again.

If you still see “No Media”, “No data” or your thumbnails look like they are trying to load (moving red squares) or there is a greyed out box with a crossed out play symbol on it, click on the thumbnail anyway, you should still be able to download and/or preview the thumbnail.

If you are still unable to load the media recorded on the SD card, try this procedure:

Please connect the camera to the computer using the USB cable, and power it on. The camera should prompt you with 3 questions – Charge only, Mass Storage or PC camera.

Select Mass Storage on your camera and then open the ‘device’ (your Olfi) as an external drive using your computer to access your files.

Save all the footage to the hard drive of your computer.

Once your videos and photos have been successfully saved, disconnect the camera from the computer.

Format your memory card inside your Olfi, using the Olfi format function (available in the main setup menu on your camera)

​Once the SD card has been reformatted, take a test photo or video through the App by selecting the ‘connect’ icon and using your device to control your camera.

​After recording this photo or video, tap the Gallery button and the new photo or video should have loaded successfully.

If you are still experiencing issues, try using a friends mobile device to help isolate the root cause of the error.

Your phone or tablet is incompatible with higher resolution videos.

For example:

The iPhone5 and iPad4 only support videos that are 1080/30 and below.

Try using your computer to downsize the resolution to one that your phone or tablet can manage.

Did you format your memory card inside your Olfi, using the Olfi format function in the Main Setup Menu before first use?

Formatting a memory card is essentially a virtual handshake between your card and your Olfi. This instructs the camera to add a new directory structure and ancillary files needed by the processor to store images and videos which is why the Quick Start Guide asks you to format a new memory card before first use.

Please Note: We do not recommend formatting a TF/MicroSD memory card inside a computer. If you’re using the memory card inside your Olfi, it needs formatting inside your Olfi. If you then use the card in another device, you’ll need to transfer that data and then format the card inside your Olfi for the App to work seamlessly with your camera.

It is good housekeeping to format your memory card relatively often to keep it corruption-free.