Reply To: Auto Power Off


I’ve been testing it this morning. I’ve requested a firmware change. It may take a few weeks to implement and test the firmware fully but we will enable this for you.

Auto Power Off wouldn’t be the menu function to use. This means that the camera turns itself off with inactivity so save power. For example: if you turn your camera on but don’t do anything, it’ll turn itself off to save power after 3 mins, 5 mins or 10 mins. If your camera is recording, it’s active, so this wont be applicable.

The fix will involve changing how the individual Power On Record and/or Auto On via USB settings will work. Currently, they must be utilising the same rule as Dash cam mode by turning off 10 seconds after power is withdrawn. The developers will just apply a different rule to that function which makes it stay on when power is withdrawn. This will let you set up a bespoke dash cam mode as opposed to using the dash cam function.

I will let you know the progress for implementation!