Reply To: Attention Customers: We want YOUR ideas and wishlists for future Olfi cameras


Hi Robert,

Unfortunately I don’t know how long the cable is, I would hope that it would be long enough to have it run to a covered power bank. I personally use a Black Web 10000 mAh bank which I have had attached to my Olfi and that gave me approx 4 hours of power with the battery being fully charged. Any longer and I would work out a way to connect to the mains power. The only way to make sure it would be suitable is probably test it out. Have everything fully charged and then set it up on a window sill so that you can at least view something and start it off. Go back after a couple of hours to see how much you have taken. It is pretty easy to work out, how many full files on the card multiplied by the time one has recorded and then there will be a smaller file which will be the last one. add them all up and you get the answer šŸ™‚ just remember that temperature of the batteries will have an effect on the overall time as well though