Reply To: Attention Customers: We want YOUR ideas and wishlists for future Olfi cameras


Hi ALex, welcome to the Olfi family, if I can help I will I have copied and pasted your questions and put my answers as addendums if that’s ok.

1. RAW files (PC and Mac), I’m a Mac user, as are many togs. Being fair not many action cameras shoot raw files especially at this price point. I am an old school former pro who shot on film, gave up just before digital took over the world and now just enjoy it as a hobby.

2. HDR for photos-similar to how a smart phone takes two shots and blends them? There isn’t currently anything available to enable the multiple exposures at varying ev settings to capture the seperate exposures to enable HDR. The space available internally on the board is, I would imagine, quite tight to have the extra processor power to allow that.

3. Timelapse: 4 secs intervals for clouds moving across the sky. Isn’t the 5 second interval option close enough?

4. Timelapse exposure times: 1/2 sec, 1/4 sec are great for blurring people walking, water moving. I get where your coming from however the fixed aperature would tend to negate that option until there is a set of ND filters available and I know the team are looking into this.

5. filters, a way to slide a little neutral density filter over the lens to slow the shutter speed down to achieve the longer exposure times, even in daylight. see my response to #5

6. histogram view, it would be great to see this somewhere. I understand where your coming from but again, price point and the available space on the motherboard would surely preclude this option, I’m more than happy to be proved wrong on this.

7. Camera; exposure time (shutter speed), why is this limited to 1/30 sec? likely to cause camera shake-if its on Auto, can it shoot faster or is a 1/30 the max? so faster shutter speeds and also 1/4 and 1/2 sec speeds please for same reasons as in 4 and 5 above. I fully understand the need for extra shutter speeds as an option. I believe this might be investigated in a future firmware update.

    8. aperture-what is the aperture set to out of interest? It’s a fixed aperture lens, trying to get the spec for you

    9. Accessory idea-a mini ball head. I have worked out a gorilla pod with the hot shoe adapter you sell to mount my olfi on a mini tripod set up but i cant easily adjust the camera to level the horizon so a small ball head would be great. there are lots of cheap flash cold shoes that do this so it doesn’t need to be too highly engineered. Olfi do have a mini tripod which has a ball head, great little bit of kit, I use mine all the time 🙂