Reply To: Date / Time reset with every battery swap?


Hey Griddles, what colour do the LED lights on the front of your camera flash when it’s recording? If your camera is the newly released Black then it’ll flash white, if its the first gen black coloured camera then it’ll flash red. If it flashes white and your battery is resetting when you remove a battery, this shouldn’t be happening unless its out for a few minutes and you’ll need to contact us to resolve the issue, so just send us a quick e-mail so that we can arrange to get your camera off you to look at.

If its the older gen version, then your battery will reset after around 20 seconds. To change batteries over, have your spare handy to put in as soon as you’ve removed the other, also, i can send you a firmware update to see if it helps alleviate your issues and give you a bit longer if it is the older version camera. Again send me your email address and i’ll ping the firmware over to you –!