Reply To: External mic


Hey there, thanks for your message.

There should be a noticeable difference when the mic is connected. If there isn’t, something isn’t quite right! and we will sort it out for you.

In the first instance, can you please try the following:
Please insert your memory card and the external mic and then turn the camera on and start to record for maybe 10 seconds… then blow into the mic. If the mic is connected and working fine then on playback you will clearly hear the air blowing into the mic.
The simple tests are always the best! If you can let me know whether this is clearly audible then we can deduce whether the external mic is working and take it from there.

At the same time, can you please just let me know what firmware version/date you are running your Black edition camera on. If the date says 20th feb 2019, then you’re all up to date. If it says anything else then i am going to need to send you a firmware update so it may be best to drop me an e-mail (Helen) so that i have your address.