Reply To: Motion detection – How to turn off?


Hi Tim,

Ah Motion Detect – Yes i certainly can see why this would be challenging to turn off when you don’t know how (note to self to add this little gem of information to the User manual – I will!)

To turn Motion Detect off, cover the lens with your hand to stop any light from entering the sensor (this will stop the camera from stop starting motion detect whilst you’re trying to turn it off). Next, stop the camera from recording (as i imagine that it’s detected motion and activated the 10 second record time if you have a memory card inserted), and then go into your Main Menu and select the video/photo option (the 1st Mode option available)

If you take your memory card out, you can change from this mode much easier (if you’re struggling) as it won’t start recording/detecting motion on its own.

Selecting Video/Photo Mode will turn off all Modes – Motion Detect, Dashcam, Underwater, Burst etc

To Turn off specific settings (stabilisation, distortion correction etc), you’d need to either go into the Quick menu for that mode by pressing and holding the down arrow on the side of your camera to bring it up the quick menu for that Mode, or by going into the Main Setup menu (the last option in the Main Menu) and finding the feature that you want to adjust and setting it to Off.