Reply To: remote charging


Hi there,

If you put the camera to charge in the house, does it charge?

It sounds to me like the USB connection could be a little loose cutting off supply to the camera intermittently, or indeed completely whilst you are moving (likely to be because of vibration). In your recordings, what are the file sizes like? Do they differ? In Dashcam Mode the camera powers off 10 seconds after power has been withdrawn to the camera, i wonder whether, if your file sizes aren’t all the same, or if the camera isn’t getting any charge that you can’t power from your bike because the of a loose port meaning that the connection doesn’t hold. Do you support the cable connection to the camera with something like Black Tac to add structure to the cable and prevent the port from bearing all of the weight from the camera? If not, i’d recommend doing this in the future.

If you think the loose USB connection sounds like your issue, or indeed, if you are still non-the-wiser about what is causing your issue, drop us an e-mail ( and let us know. Whilst your camera may be out of warranty, we will still do our best to rectify your issues for you and can send you the return address details via email so that you can return the camera to us to review and diagnose.