Reply To: connecting to Moto G4 phone


Hi John,

Thanks for reaching out. Oh no! i’m so sorry to hear you’re having connectivity issues. Putting it in flight Mode is and turning Mobile data off will only help if your find the wifi connection and the connection keeps dropping when you leave the settings menu.
The quickest way to troubleshoot this issue is to try and connect your Olfi to someone elses device to check whether it is an issue with your phone, or the camera. If another phone will recognise the cameras Wifi then this would suggest that you need to contact the phone manufacturer to troubleshoot this further. If it doesn’t find a connection with another device then we would recall your camera and replace it as this would suggest an issue with your cameras Wifi connection.

Next, i am going to lay out the normal step by step instructions on how to make a connection – not to teach you to suck eggs, just to confirm that everything you’ve done so far is correct.
1. Firstly, i just want to check that you formatted your memory card before first use of the card inside your Olfi – unformatted cards can cause an array of issues to the device they are placed in if they are corrupting or unformatted. (If you’ve not formatted your memory card then please transfer any files you’d like to keep onto a computer or hard drive first, and then format your card, inside your camera using the format function which can be found in the Main Setup Menu on your Olfi – DO NOT FORMAT IN A COMPUTER)
2. Following formatting a memory card…With your memory card inserted, turn your camera on with a long press of the power button.
3. Press and hold the UP arrow on the side of the camera to turn the cameras Wifi On.
4. Next, ensuring that your camera is relatively close to your phone, go in to your phones settings menu > Wifi and search for available Wifi connections. If it doesn’t see it straight away, turn your phone wifi off and back on again to get it to find all available connections. With some phone types, you may need to do this twice.
5. If the Olfi WiFi doesn’t show up as an available device, try another device, and see if that finds it.
If it does… try contacting your phone manufacturer for further advice.
If it doesn’t… contact us via and we will recall your camera for review – you will need your proof of purchase if not purchased direct from us.
Please note: You do not need to open the App at all in order to test the wifi connection.

6. If a wifi connection shows up called Olfi1.5f**********, click on it and enter the Wifi password – 12345678 (unless you’ve changed it)
7. It may be advisable to find the option which prevents your phone from automatically connecting to available Wifi connections by making your phone ASK before it joins available wifi connections. Please note – THIS is where the flight Mode/ mobile data may come in handy.
8. Open the app.

Let me know how you’re getting on.