Attention Customers: We want YOUR ideas and wishlists for future Olfi cameras

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    I’ve already sent an email about this so it’s not news to Olfi, but anyway, here you are Olfi (et al).
    Here’s my wishlist…

    I do a lot of touring on my motorbike.

    I’d like a camera which i can externally power using the waterproof case though.

    I’d like to be able to attach an external mic so i can position the mic by my engine (vroom vroom)

    I’d like an aluminium material mount to use on my bike as i don’t like or trust plastic ones!



    I’d like a camera that’s waterproof without the case please Olfi. I use my camera as a dashcam daily but use it on my mountain bike and motorbike too.



    I’d like that too Shamari, but don’t do it Olfi, you’ll ruin your rep. it’s so unreliable. Wait until a better solution comes along. The camera is really small anyway, the case isn’t that big a deal

    Look at the comments, never mind the actual video.
    I did my homework before buying my Olfi. Both GoPro and Drift (the only other options for me) both had water damage complaints when i was looking.


    Thanks guys, keep them coming!



    I’m a Horse rider from North Wales. I use the camera on my helmet or chest on hacks. It’s big enough to be noticed by passing vehicles but it’s not heavy so it’s ideal for me. I bought the camera from Bolesworth Horse Show.

    It’d be great to be able to mark the videos when i’m out and something happens, or i see something worth keeping as i do edit some videos when i get the chance so it’ll be quicker if i know which part of my videos i need to go to without looking through all the footage.





    Hi guys,

    It’s been a while since anyone suggested anything through the forum but just FYI for forum post subscribers, the 2nd generation olfi one.five has been announced for release in a couple of weeks, with external mic, and time and date retentions amongst other things.



    I would like an option for lens, possibly equivalent to 35mm in 35mm film format as a starting point, it still has a wide angle point of view but not quite as wide as normal. would still have great depth of focus as well

    One other thing on a slightly lighter note, how about a wrap for the waterproof case to make it look like Kevin minion 🙂



    I would love GPS tagging/logging. That way I could track my trips & associate photos with locations. Speed & elevation logging would be even better.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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