Does the camera vibrate / move inside it's protective case?

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    I’m using the One.Five on my motorbikes – nothing hectic, just road riding / touring. In the main I’ve the camera in it’s protective case with audio sensitivity slighter above default, mounted using the sucker mount to the screens – very secure and seemingly quite nicely damped too

    On the output files I get an intermittent, intrusive very loud noise that sounds like the camera itself is shaking within the protective case, or something is rapidly hitting the camera case

    Anybody else getting this? I would have thought that the unit should be rock solid in the case so as not to cause this interference

    Had GoPro’s / SJ’s / Innov C5 and even offroad have never had this sort of noise occur


    hi S4MST3R, I’ve not experienced that myself but then again I don’t mount my camera to a bike, only the car at times.

    Hopefully someone else might respond soon, would using the antifog insert act as a wedge? maybe get it a bit tighter in the case?

    Just thinking outside/ inside the box

    Kind regards



    Hey S4mSt3r, can you upload some footage for us to analyse please?


    It would be super helpful if you could name your file S4mSt3rrattle so that we can identify your footage above other footage. We will take a look at it and get back to you. The camera is not meant to make any noise inside the waterproof case. It should be a tight fit.

    I look forward to taking a look at your footage and rectifying any issues you may have.


    I’ve upped a file named as you suggested. You will hear the noise quite clearly twice in the brief clip I’ve created. The camera is mounted using the suction mount to the screen. Nothing seems loose. This example is not as intrusive as it has been at other times – maybe as I’ve been playing with audio sensitivity. I don’t keep much footage and tend to delete each day so will get some more footage that features the noise for you


    This noise / vibration issue seems to be getting worse. In THIS video you can clearly hear it throughout the footage

    Yes, the noise is matching my revs but it’s not my exhaust. There’s an element of vibration but other cameras don’t do this. I’ve ruled out the suction mount, because if I use an old GoPro with the same OLFI mount I get completely clean audio

    If I can’t resolve this and the constant having to reset date and time every time I swap out a battery I don’t think my relationship with this camera is going to last very long šŸ™


    Has this issue been sorted? I know the battery swap time should have sorted with the latest firmware update but I hope you’ve resolved the noise issue.


    Hi Gregor – yes OLFI took my original unit back and sent me a replacement which is absolutely fine now – no vibrating noise at all

    Also, the latest firmware update has resolved my ‘beep at the end of the recording file issue’ and also I seem to have a little more time to swap batteries over before date / time data is lost

    All great now!

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