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    Has the new case got the hinge on the opposite side on every case as my case has a broken hindge and the bla k trim arund the lens aperture has split and fallen off
    But i need permanent access vor the power cable as i mainly uss it as a dash cam on the bike.


    Hey there,

    Have you been on to the Accessories page to have a look at the waterproof cases we have to offer?

    Olfi Waterproof Cases

    You can choose which type of case you would prefer from the 3 options available. 2 of the cases are for the Olfi one.five (hinge left and hinge right) and the other case option is for the Olfi original waterproof case. The one which is suitable for modifying says so, under the listing.

    If you are having problems navigating/understanding this waterproof case product page, please let me know and we will revisit it. We my have written it, but if its not understandable/clear then it probably needs adjusting slightly.


    Pictures showing the differences between the single and two part clasps would be good.


    Here’s the two part clasp and the one part clasp šŸ™‚

    With the two part clasp, you need to push the middle up then the outer layer out at the same time. With the one part clasp, you just need to push with some force the ‘OPEN’ side of the clasp.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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