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    About Dr. J
    Dr. J MD is a medical professional who has a family with great medical practitioners and he always followed in his family’s footsteps. If we speak about Dr. J MD has done his surgical internship at the University of Alabama and Phoniex’s Good Samaritan Hospital was his medical training hub. Dr. J MD is an American Board-Certified Physician who is having specialization in cosmetic and aesthetic treatments, hair transplants, and regenerative medicine.

    Dr. J MD has all the best skills to help you find the right treatment solutions. A teacher, educator,Antiaging Orlando and mentor Dr. J MD is ISSCA, ACCMA & CMA certified. He has spent the last decade mastering aesthetic and regenerative medicine. He has performed thousands of Hair Procedures, trust Dr. J MD you are in the best hands.

    Dr. J MD as a child from his childhood was blessed with the ability to create things. He says “I used to make ceramic Mardi Gras masks: mold bake and paint them”. Even he as a child was able to write on a grain of rice. He elaborated ” I was able to write the whole sentence like “I Love New Orleans”.

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