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    I haver an original camera and remote. I’ve not used a lot but on holiday and looking for advice on why my remote will not fully operate the camera, all i find is info for the newer camera. There used to be loads of youtube vids for the original camera.

    My remote will pair with the camera, and will aloow selection between modes but will not activate the functions i.e. switch on the camera, take a vid or photo?

    Also, I cant easily find how to update firmware for the original camera.



    Hi Adrian,

    So, you have an original one.five? As in, the camera looks the same orientation as the Black edition camera, its just the earlier version? If so, the instructions are the same as the Black Edition instructions as the cameras are almost the same. They are just different editions. The functions and buttons all do the same things throughout the generations.

    If, however, your camera is actually the original Original Olfi (not a one.five at all – completely different shape and look), the remote control cannot be used with this camera unfortunately.

    With Regards to the Tutorial Videos we have, they are still on YouTube – i’m so sorry if you couldn’t locate them. Please copy and paste the link below into your browser. They are on the home page of our YouTube channel about a third of the way down the page under Tutorials.

    Also, the firmware page is here >>> camera updates >>> https://olficamera.com/update/ (copy and paste link)
    It should be relatively clear which cameras firmware is for which camera as there are 3 pictures showing the three types of cameras. Simply click on the photo that matches your camera and follow the instructions. The firmware is the key to successful use of your Olfi remote. You need v2.7 or v3.2 for the original one.five firmware. Let us know if you’re struggling to update this for whatever reason.

    Using the remote:
    Your firmware should be up to date to use the cameras remote seamlessly. If it is not up-to-date, you may have a slight issue using your remote if your camera screen has gone into sleep mode. This is because you’ll have to add in an extra button press to wake your camera up before using the remote to put the camera into the right mode and then another press to perform a function. With the latest firmware, one button press of your remote will wake your camera up; and put it into the right mode so that you only have to press the button again to activate that function.

    Please note: You cannot turn your camera on using the remote. It’s an RF frequency remote like a TV remote. It’ll wake the camera up from being asleep/standby but it can’t turn it on from completely OFF as there is nothing on the camera to receive the signal telling it to do so. However, you can turn the camera off completely using the remote.

    So, after you’ve paired your devices, exit the Main menu on your camera so you’re on the home screen (otherwise you can’t use your remote).
    If your camera is already in video mode (you will see a video camera image in the top left hand side of your Olfi rear viewing screen), pressing the video button on your remote should activate recording if you have a memory card inserted. Another press, and it’ll stop. what happens on your camera? If it does nothing, do you have your memory card inserted, and have you formatted your memory card recently? Also, have you tried changing the battery? It may be that the battery is low. It takes a common DL2032 button battery. let me know if you still cannot do this.

    Changing the battery in the remote
    The remote utilises a common, large, 3V button battery (DL2032). If your remote has red LEDs (not water resistant), taking the back door off is relatively simple using a coin to undo the door. However, if your remote control has blue LEDs (3metres waterproof), you will need a craft knife (or something similar) and a very small Phillips head screwdriver to help you change the battery over.

    Changing batteries on the Waterproof remote

    On the under side of the waterproof remote control, there are 4 small rubber looking circles. With your craft knife, gently lift the rubber covers. Underneath there will be small screws. Using your screwdriver, unscrew these screws to remove the back door. The rest is pretty self explanatory. However, when putting the back door back on, ensure you line up the 3 points on the back door and the battery compartment, to ensure that the door goes on easily. When you’re all done, the rubber covers you removed at the start should just sit back in place when everything is put back together – just ensure you tamp them down.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClZUhKXcmNp1z-XH1REJNzg – (copy and paste link) They will be about a third of the way down the page. You can also find the remote one on the remote control product page on the website – the waterproof remote and non-waterproof remotes both operate the same way.Also, If you press the photo button on your remote, it’ll put your remote into photo mode. Press it again and it’ll take a photo. What happens on your camera when you try this?

    Let me know how you’re getting on. It may be easier to explain the functions over the phone if i’m being too wordy but I’m happy to keep helping until you’re sorted.

    Phyllis Hendrix

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