Time and timestamp settings change on OFLI ONE.FIVE Black camera

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    Every so often (once a day or every other day at the moment), my OLFI ONE.FIVE Black camera decides to change two settings by itself:-
    * The time reverses itself by exactly 12 hours. If it’s in the morning, it will go back to the night before. If in the evening, it will go back to the morning of the same day. For example, this morning’s recording has a filename of 2019_0903_211838_028
    * The timestamp turns itself back on (I often want this off so I can submit imagery to Mapillary)

    This behaviour is very annoying because I have to spend time before every journey checking that the timestamp setting hasn’t reverted and that the time is still correct. Other settings remain correct, for example starting recording on power on, audio sensitivity, light set.

    The Version menu item shows:-
    Model: Olfi1.5
    Version: V3.3
    Date: Feb 20 2019
    Firm: Olfi


    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for reaching out. Are you, by any chance using the app when this occurs? I’ve forwarded on your comment to my colleague for assistance but we are aware that the app has a small issue recognising 24 hour date format. This has been scheduled for a fix soon. Also because of the coding for the time and date, this is also the reason why your time stamp will be turning itself on. This is an issue with the settings cog in the app.

    please bear with us whilst we rectify the issues you’re experiencing, and thanks for reporting them too!



    Sorry for not replying sooner. Yes – it’s the Android app that’s causing the problem. I hadn’t used the app for ages, and didn’t have the problem. Today, I used the app to free up some space on the memory card, and the time reverted.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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