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    Hi, when i try to start time lapse either photos or vid sereen starts ok ikon is flashing then after a short time the camera switches off and nothing happens?.


    Hey there,

    How very strange. When was the last time you formatted your memory card? It could relate to an error on the memory card so you could perhaps try and format it? I’d also return your camera to the default settings, before resetting your preferences and trying again.

    Formatting your memory card – Please note that formatting your memory card will delete all everything from that card – Transfer any footage you want to keep first.

    1. With your memory card inserted, turn your camera on with a long press of the power button. Next, press the power button once, possibly twice more to enter the Main Menu.

    2. Using the keys on the side of the camera, scroll down to the Main Setup Menu. To select this when highlighted, press the shutter button. The shutter button is the ‘other’ button on top of the camera

    Please Note: When using the Menus, the shutter button confirms your choices meaning that it is effectively an ‘OK’ button.

    3. When inside the Setup Menu, scroll up to Format. Again, select this by pressing the shutter button. Scroll to OK, and confirm again. The format will be completed within 1-2 seconds.

    Also, what firmware version are you running on? If this issue has just started happening out of the blue then perhaps you could try and refresh the latest version of the firmware for your camera. Do you have a 1st gen One.five?

    Returning your camera to Default Settings:

    Follow steps 1 and 2 above so that you enter the Main Setup Menu.
    When inside the setup menu, scroll up to Default. Again, select this by pressing the shutter button.
    (These instructions will also take you to Version – to inspect which firmware version you are running on – Version, format and default are all next to each other in the Main Setup menu.

    This isn’t a known issue so I’d hope that one of these suggestions might fix your issue, especially if it only relates to when you’re creating a time lapse. However, if it doesn’t, if you could go into your Main Setup menu and scroll to Version and relay what the firmware version and date you are running on, i shall look into this for you. Please also let me know if you change any of the settings so that i can replicate your settings and resolution mix.


    Hi thanks for the info, it was updated to 2.2 march 2017
    I did all the things you suggested and its working fine.
    Will the battery last longer on time lapse or will it be about the same as just running video?
    Thanks Harvey


    It’ll only marginally outlast a video because the camera is still working hard to do the intervals automatically so it may be best to hook up an external supply if it’s possible. There’s nothing worse than doing a time lapse and it ending up as incomplete.

    This article might helps you. There is a Time Lapse calculator embedded into it, so you will be able to work out how long your finished time lapse will be based on the interval you set, and duration of the task. I hope it helps.


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