Using Olfi as a Dash cam Issue

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    Trying to use olfi one.five as dashcam but when I plug supplied USB into camera the screen goes to the USB, Mass storage, PC Camera page ! I have a seat Leon and pulling power from USB slot in centre console. The cigarette charger is actually in armrest and not a safe plan to have leads running past gear stick etc when driving.
    I wonder if it is something that may be able to be addressees in a future firmware release where when connected to a (PC device) or usb slot where there is an option to continue to be used as a device to charge like in a lot of phones. Thanks for any assistance.


    Hi MajorUlag,

    Yes, this is going to be altered in the next month. There is a firmware update coming out this week with several changes on it but this firmware change will be on the next update as it needs testing in every possible scenario to ensure that it doesn’t cause any data losses or glitches anywhere else on the camera.

    – Olfi Team


    Hi i use my olfi as a dash cam but on a motorcycles i have modified the case with a small hole so i can pluv in the charging lead set to record when power on works fine on bike or my car


    It depends on the type of USB port or wire used. You can purchase USB cables that ONLY have the 2 wires for power and do not have data wires. These will work perfectly to go seamlessly into dash cam mode.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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