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    that’s fantastic, would you mind if I shared it with the Olfi facebook group ?

    in reply to: Motion detection – How to turn off? #27371

    Hi Tim, glad to see that you have sorted the settings out. I would love to see some of the footage you are shooting from your Zlin! that would be epic 🙂

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    Hi Tony, I have made a quick video to show the outcome, I’m not too sure that I would work like this long term though.

    in reply to: Change camera orientation 90 Degrees #17505

    Hi Tony, you can do this alteration in post production, depending on which software you use it can be either really easy or a pain. The only issue that you will have is that the footage might be only available to view in the portrait option. I’m going out with the cameras later today and I will test this out.

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    which version of the camera do you have?

    Hi ALex, welcome to the Olfi family, if I can help I will I have copied and pasted your questions and put my answers as addendums if that’s ok.

    1. RAW files (PC and Mac), I’m a Mac user, as are many togs. Being fair not many action cameras shoot raw files especially at this price point. I am an old school former pro who shot on film, gave up just before digital took over the world and now just enjoy it as a hobby.

    2. HDR for photos-similar to how a smart phone takes two shots and blends them? There isn’t currently anything available to enable the multiple exposures at varying ev settings to capture the seperate exposures to enable HDR. The space available internally on the board is, I would imagine, quite tight to have the extra processor power to allow that.

    3. Timelapse: 4 secs intervals for clouds moving across the sky. Isn’t the 5 second interval option close enough?

    4. Timelapse exposure times: 1/2 sec, 1/4 sec are great for blurring people walking, water moving. I get where your coming from however the fixed aperature would tend to negate that option until there is a set of ND filters available and I know the team are looking into this.

    5. filters, a way to slide a little neutral density filter over the lens to slow the shutter speed down to achieve the longer exposure times, even in daylight. see my response to #5

    6. histogram view, it would be great to see this somewhere. I understand where your coming from but again, price point and the available space on the motherboard would surely preclude this option, I’m more than happy to be proved wrong on this.

    7. Camera; exposure time (shutter speed), why is this limited to 1/30 sec? likely to cause camera shake-if its on Auto, can it shoot faster or is a 1/30 the max? so faster shutter speeds and also 1/4 and 1/2 sec speeds please for same reasons as in 4 and 5 above. I fully understand the need for extra shutter speeds as an option. I believe this might be investigated in a future firmware update.

      8. aperture-what is the aperture set to out of interest? It’s a fixed aperture lens, trying to get the spec for you

      9. Accessory idea-a mini ball head. I have worked out a gorilla pod with the hot shoe adapter you sell to mount my olfi on a mini tripod set up but i cant easily adjust the camera to level the horizon so a small ball head would be great. there are lots of cheap flash cold shoes that do this so it doesn’t need to be too highly engineered. Olfi do have a mini tripod which has a ball head, great little bit of kit, I use mine all the time 🙂

    Hi Robert,

    Unfortunately I don’t know how long the cable is, I would hope that it would be long enough to have it run to a covered power bank. I personally use a Black Web 10000 mAh bank which I have had attached to my Olfi and that gave me approx 4 hours of power with the battery being fully charged. Any longer and I would work out a way to connect to the mains power. The only way to make sure it would be suitable is probably test it out. Have everything fully charged and then set it up on a window sill so that you can at least view something and start it off. Go back after a couple of hours to see how much you have taken. It is pretty easy to work out, how many full files on the card multiplied by the time one has recorded and then there will be a smaller file which will be the last one. add them all up and you get the answer 🙂 just remember that temperature of the batteries will have an effect on the overall time as well though

    Hi Robert, which model of Olfi do you have? If it’s the latest Black version there is a case which is available with a weathproof access point to attach an external power bank if you think that would help with battery life.

    in reply to: Auto Power Off #13763

    Hi, which camera is it you have? I know that the team are working on the firmware update for the olfi black but its been a bit delayed by holidays. I’m sure it will be something that they will be having a look at.

    in reply to: Recording times for SD cards #12889

    A lot of the time it will depend on your filming settings, a film shot on 720p will take up much less room on a card than a 2.5k file the same length of time.

    this link is from sandisk website

    in reply to: Does the camera vibrate / move inside it's protective case? #12645

    Has this issue been sorted? I know the battery swap time should have sorted with the latest firmware update but I hope you’ve resolved the noise issue.

    in reply to: Using the Olfi for stills and panorama #11363

    Olfi pano

    I would like an option for lens, possibly equivalent to 35mm in 35mm film format as a starting point, it still has a wide angle point of view but not quite as wide as normal. would still have great depth of focus as well

    One other thing on a slightly lighter note, how about a wrap for the waterproof case to make it look like Kevin minion 🙂

    in reply to: Future wish list for Olfi's new cameras #8222

    Hope you have a great time touring, look forward to seeing some footage on the facebook pages

    in reply to: End recording beep comes out on the output file #7732

    which version of the firmware are you using S4MST3R? I haven’t experienced this with either of my cameras, I’m editing on a PC, shooting MP4 file types and currently doing a comparison test with the latest two versions of firmware to check the differences for my own style of shooting.

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