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    Hi Martyn,

    The Olfi requires a specific 10 pin setup for the microphone to work.

    The setup is as follows:

    GoPro do not utilise the same mic setup as us, therefore no GoPro compatible mic will work as is. The USB connection would need to be re-wired to make it compatible. Pins 8 and 9 control the switch over to the external mic capability (see pic) – I believe GoPro Mic pins may attach to pins 3,4 and 5 (including GND)but don’t quote me on that!

    If you wanted to attach an external mic using a 3.5mm jack connection so that you can use any microphone you like that has a 3.5mm jack, this is the only listing that i know will work as we utilise the same pin setup. Any mic advertised which says it will work with a GoPro will not work with the Olfi.

    in reply to: Audio in? #34927

    Morning Tim,

    I can’t see a compatible cable listed on that website. However, you will need the Mini USB connection to have a certain patterned 10 pin setup to be compatible with the Olfi. – This is what the pin setup needs to look like.

    I’ve had this conversation with someone else recently and found that this cable is compatible with the Olfi.

    I hope that helps.

    in reply to: time laps set up #34857

    It’ll only marginally outlast a video because the camera is still working hard to do the intervals automatically so it may be best to hook up an external supply if it’s possible. There’s nothing worse than doing a time lapse and it ending up as incomplete.

    This article might helps you. There is a Time Lapse calculator embedded into it, so you will be able to work out how long your finished time lapse will be based on the interval you set, and duration of the task. I hope it helps.

    in reply to: time laps set up #34819

    Hey there,

    How very strange. When was the last time you formatted your memory card? It could relate to an error on the memory card so you could perhaps try and format it? I’d also return your camera to the default settings, before resetting your preferences and trying again.

    Formatting your memory card – Please note that formatting your memory card will delete all everything from that card – Transfer any footage you want to keep first.

    1. With your memory card inserted, turn your camera on with a long press of the power button. Next, press the power button once, possibly twice more to enter the Main Menu.

    2. Using the keys on the side of the camera, scroll down to the Main Setup Menu. To select this when highlighted, press the shutter button. The shutter button is the ‘other’ button on top of the camera

    Please Note: When using the Menus, the shutter button confirms your choices meaning that it is effectively an ‘OK’ button.

    3. When inside the Setup Menu, scroll up to Format. Again, select this by pressing the shutter button. Scroll to OK, and confirm again. The format will be completed within 1-2 seconds.

    Also, what firmware version are you running on? If this issue has just started happening out of the blue then perhaps you could try and refresh the latest version of the firmware for your camera. Do you have a 1st gen One.five?

    Returning your camera to Default Settings:

    Follow steps 1 and 2 above so that you enter the Main Setup Menu.
    When inside the setup menu, scroll up to Default. Again, select this by pressing the shutter button.
    (These instructions will also take you to Version – to inspect which firmware version you are running on – Version, format and default are all next to each other in the Main Setup menu.

    This isn’t a known issue so I’d hope that one of these suggestions might fix your issue, especially if it only relates to when you’re creating a time lapse. However, if it doesn’t, if you could go into your Main Setup menu and scroll to Version and relay what the firmware version and date you are running on, i shall look into this for you. Please also let me know if you change any of the settings so that i can replicate your settings and resolution mix.

    in reply to: New rotatable mount #34710

    Hi Martyn,

    I think that we may have just the thing for your needs. It’s a rotating short clip. We’ve not put it on sale because it’s not quite suitable for all short clip situations but i think it’d be fine for what you’ve described. Drop us an e-mail so that we know who we are talking to ( and i can send you a photo to have a look at.


    in reply to: connecting to Moto G4 phone #30657

    I’ve just thought, did you mean the setup menu on the app? If so, this is about to get updated as there is an issue with the Time Stamp not responding to being altered with some devices.

    in reply to: connecting to Moto G4 phone #30656

    Hi John,

    I’m glad you’ve got it working and thank you for explaining what steps you took to get there – it’s so helpful to other users.

    Right, so, the Setup menu – what do you mean by saying that this option doesn’t seem to do anything? You should be able to enter the Setup Menu in any camera that you have so this concerns me.

    When you turn your camera on with a long press of the power button, your camera will turn on in video mode. If you press the power button again but briefly, it will change to photo Mode. If you press it again briefly, it will take you into the Main Menu. To get to the setup menu from here, use the keys on the side of the camera to scroll down 11 clicks to the image of the settings cog. When this is highlighted in red, press the shutter button to enter that menu. The shutter button is the ‘Other’ button on the top of the camera. This is used to confirm choices. Once inside the setup menu, You’ll be able to scroll through the options using the keys on the side of the camera again. If you wanted to get to the format function, scroll up 3 clicks until Format is highlighted in Red and select the shutter button to confirm. Then scroll to OK and again, press the shutter button to confirm your choice. The format will be done in a matter of 1-2 seconds. It will not tell you it is complete, it’ll just flash up with Please wait…

    If you find that you cannot enter the Main Setup menu, please try turning your camera off, removing the memory card and turning the camera on again but without a memory card inserted, and see if that makes a difference. You may see an error message asking you to insert the memory card but if you briefly press the shutter button, this message will disappear and allow you to control the camera. Try following the instructions above to get into the Setup Menu and let me know how you’re getting on. If you can’t get in the Main Setup menu unless your memory card is not present, this would suggest a issue with your memory card so please let me know.

    Also, If you couldn’t get into the Main Setup Menu, did you format your card in your computer instead of in the Olfi?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    in reply to: connecting to Moto G4 phone #30555

    Hi John,

    Thanks for reaching out. Oh no! i’m so sorry to hear you’re having connectivity issues. Putting it in flight Mode is and turning Mobile data off will only help if your find the wifi connection and the connection keeps dropping when you leave the settings menu.
    The quickest way to troubleshoot this issue is to try and connect your Olfi to someone elses device to check whether it is an issue with your phone, or the camera. If another phone will recognise the cameras Wifi then this would suggest that you need to contact the phone manufacturer to troubleshoot this further. If it doesn’t find a connection with another device then we would recall your camera and replace it as this would suggest an issue with your cameras Wifi connection.

    Next, i am going to lay out the normal step by step instructions on how to make a connection – not to teach you to suck eggs, just to confirm that everything you’ve done so far is correct.
    1. Firstly, i just want to check that you formatted your memory card before first use of the card inside your Olfi – unformatted cards can cause an array of issues to the device they are placed in if they are corrupting or unformatted. (If you’ve not formatted your memory card then please transfer any files you’d like to keep onto a computer or hard drive first, and then format your card, inside your camera using the format function which can be found in the Main Setup Menu on your Olfi – DO NOT FORMAT IN A COMPUTER)
    2. Following formatting a memory card…With your memory card inserted, turn your camera on with a long press of the power button.
    3. Press and hold the UP arrow on the side of the camera to turn the cameras Wifi On.
    4. Next, ensuring that your camera is relatively close to your phone, go in to your phones settings menu > Wifi and search for available Wifi connections. If it doesn’t see it straight away, turn your phone wifi off and back on again to get it to find all available connections. With some phone types, you may need to do this twice.
    5. If the Olfi WiFi doesn’t show up as an available device, try another device, and see if that finds it.
    If it does… try contacting your phone manufacturer for further advice.
    If it doesn’t… contact us via and we will recall your camera for review – you will need your proof of purchase if not purchased direct from us.
    Please note: You do not need to open the App at all in order to test the wifi connection.

    6. If a wifi connection shows up called Olfi1.5f**********, click on it and enter the Wifi password – 12345678 (unless you’ve changed it)
    7. It may be advisable to find the option which prevents your phone from automatically connecting to available Wifi connections by making your phone ASK before it joins available wifi connections. Please note – THIS is where the flight Mode/ mobile data may come in handy.
    8. Open the app.

    Let me know how you’re getting on.

    in reply to: Help for Night Use – Cycling #29115

    Hey there, I’d alter the spot metering to average, lower your frame rate to 30FPS or 25FPS( to cope with light changes better) and possibly experiment with low-light Mode, although it may be better to have a higher frame rate with low=light mode, as low-light mode adjusts the frame rate to cope with the Lighting it’s faced with. You could also try adjusting your camera angle slightly so that your bike light isn’t pointing in the exact location of the camera. Upload a picture ( of the setup on your bike if you like (camera placement and light placement) and i can take a look to see if i can help any further.


    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for reaching out. Are you, by any chance using the app when this occurs? I’ve forwarded on your comment to my colleague for assistance but we are aware that the app has a small issue recognising 24 hour date format. This has been scheduled for a fix soon. Also because of the coding for the time and date, this is also the reason why your time stamp will be turning itself on. This is an issue with the settings cog in the app.

    please bear with us whilst we rectify the issues you’re experiencing, and thanks for reporting them too!

    in reply to: remote charging #28208

    Hi there,

    If you put the camera to charge in the house, does it charge?

    It sounds to me like the USB connection could be a little loose cutting off supply to the camera intermittently, or indeed completely whilst you are moving (likely to be because of vibration). In your recordings, what are the file sizes like? Do they differ? In Dashcam Mode the camera powers off 10 seconds after power has been withdrawn to the camera, i wonder whether, if your file sizes aren’t all the same, or if the camera isn’t getting any charge that you can’t power from your bike because the of a loose port meaning that the connection doesn’t hold. Do you support the cable connection to the camera with something like Black Tac to add structure to the cable and prevent the port from bearing all of the weight from the camera? If not, i’d recommend doing this in the future.

    If you think the loose USB connection sounds like your issue, or indeed, if you are still non-the-wiser about what is causing your issue, drop us an e-mail ( and let us know. Whilst your camera may be out of warranty, we will still do our best to rectify your issues for you and can send you the return address details via email so that you can return the camera to us to review and diagnose.


    in reply to: Ofli original tech support? #27533

    Hi Adrian,

    So, you have an original one.five? As in, the camera looks the same orientation as the Black edition camera, its just the earlier version? If so, the instructions are the same as the Black Edition instructions as the cameras are almost the same. They are just different editions. The functions and buttons all do the same things throughout the generations.

    If, however, your camera is actually the original Original Olfi (not a one.five at all – completely different shape and look), the remote control cannot be used with this camera unfortunately.

    With Regards to the Tutorial Videos we have, they are still on YouTube – i’m so sorry if you couldn’t locate them. Please copy and paste the link below into your browser. They are on the home page of our YouTube channel about a third of the way down the page under Tutorials.

    Also, the firmware page is here >>> camera updates >>> (copy and paste link)
    It should be relatively clear which cameras firmware is for which camera as there are 3 pictures showing the three types of cameras. Simply click on the photo that matches your camera and follow the instructions. The firmware is the key to successful use of your Olfi remote. You need v2.7 or v3.2 for the original one.five firmware. Let us know if you’re struggling to update this for whatever reason.

    Using the remote:
    Your firmware should be up to date to use the cameras remote seamlessly. If it is not up-to-date, you may have a slight issue using your remote if your camera screen has gone into sleep mode. This is because you’ll have to add in an extra button press to wake your camera up before using the remote to put the camera into the right mode and then another press to perform a function. With the latest firmware, one button press of your remote will wake your camera up; and put it into the right mode so that you only have to press the button again to activate that function.

    Please note: You cannot turn your camera on using the remote. It’s an RF frequency remote like a TV remote. It’ll wake the camera up from being asleep/standby but it can’t turn it on from completely OFF as there is nothing on the camera to receive the signal telling it to do so. However, you can turn the camera off completely using the remote.

    So, after you’ve paired your devices, exit the Main menu on your camera so you’re on the home screen (otherwise you can’t use your remote).
    If your camera is already in video mode (you will see a video camera image in the top left hand side of your Olfi rear viewing screen), pressing the video button on your remote should activate recording if you have a memory card inserted. Another press, and it’ll stop. what happens on your camera? If it does nothing, do you have your memory card inserted, and have you formatted your memory card recently? Also, have you tried changing the battery? It may be that the battery is low. It takes a common DL2032 button battery. let me know if you still cannot do this.

    Changing the battery in the remote
    The remote utilises a common, large, 3V button battery (DL2032). If your remote has red LEDs (not water resistant), taking the back door off is relatively simple using a coin to undo the door. However, if your remote control has blue LEDs (3metres waterproof), you will need a craft knife (or something similar) and a very small Phillips head screwdriver to help you change the battery over.

    Changing batteries on the Waterproof remote

    On the under side of the waterproof remote control, there are 4 small rubber looking circles. With your craft knife, gently lift the rubber covers. Underneath there will be small screws. Using your screwdriver, unscrew these screws to remove the back door. The rest is pretty self explanatory. However, when putting the back door back on, ensure you line up the 3 points on the back door and the battery compartment, to ensure that the door goes on easily. When you’re all done, the rubber covers you removed at the start should just sit back in place when everything is put back together – just ensure you tamp them down. – (copy and paste link) They will be about a third of the way down the page. You can also find the remote one on the remote control product page on the website – the waterproof remote and non-waterproof remotes both operate the same way.Also, If you press the photo button on your remote, it’ll put your remote into photo mode. Press it again and it’ll take a photo. What happens on your camera when you try this?

    Let me know how you’re getting on. It may be easier to explain the functions over the phone if i’m being too wordy but I’m happy to keep helping until you’re sorted.

    in reply to: Motion detection – How to turn off? #27102

    Hi Tim,

    Ah Motion Detect – Yes i certainly can see why this would be challenging to turn off when you don’t know how (note to self to add this little gem of information to the User manual – I will!)

    To turn Motion Detect off, cover the lens with your hand to stop any light from entering the sensor (this will stop the camera from stop starting motion detect whilst you’re trying to turn it off). Next, stop the camera from recording (as i imagine that it’s detected motion and activated the 10 second record time if you have a memory card inserted), and then go into your Main Menu and select the video/photo option (the 1st Mode option available)

    If you take your memory card out, you can change from this mode much easier (if you’re struggling) as it won’t start recording/detecting motion on its own.

    Selecting Video/Photo Mode will turn off all Modes – Motion Detect, Dashcam, Underwater, Burst etc

    To Turn off specific settings (stabilisation, distortion correction etc), you’d need to either go into the Quick menu for that mode by pressing and holding the down arrow on the side of your camera to bring it up the quick menu for that Mode, or by going into the Main Setup menu (the last option in the Main Menu) and finding the feature that you want to adjust and setting it to Off.

    in reply to: Cannot Import photos or videos #26723

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your question. Are you, by any chance, using an Apple memory card reader to transfer these files? As these only recognise file structures that are compatible with Apple products, and therefore won’t work with non-apple products.

    If not, and you are attempting the transfer another way, would you be able to give a bit more information regarding you how are trying to transfer these files so that i can help you better?

    You need to download the Olfi App, or use a USB card reader that is not Apple branded, and that utilises an App so that the Apple device can read it (do not buy a plug and play – it won’t work)

    Macbook Pro
    Is it one of the new ones without the USB connection? If so, you will need a UBC-C to Mini USBcable and use your Olfi as the card reader.

    Initial Advice: (i don’t know how you’re trying to transfer and what your Macbook capabilities are)
    Try a different cable as the data transfer wire may not be working.
    Try a non-branded iOS card reader that utilises an App (like i-flash device)

    in reply to: External mic #21386

    Hey there, thanks for your message.

    There should be a noticeable difference when the mic is connected. If there isn’t, something isn’t quite right! and we will sort it out for you.

    In the first instance, can you please try the following:
    Please insert your memory card and the external mic and then turn the camera on and start to record for maybe 10 seconds… then blow into the mic. If the mic is connected and working fine then on playback you will clearly hear the air blowing into the mic.
    The simple tests are always the best! If you can let me know whether this is clearly audible then we can deduce whether the external mic is working and take it from there.

    At the same time, can you please just let me know what firmware version/date you are running your Black edition camera on. If the date says 20th feb 2019, then you’re all up to date. If it says anything else then i am going to need to send you a firmware update so it may be best to drop me an e-mail (Helen) so that i have your address.

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