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How to connect the Olfi to a PC

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Plug the micro USB lead into the camera and the USB point in to the computer. Your camera should turn on, and ask you to select Mass Storage or PC Camera. If you select Mass Storage, your computer should recognise the device in Finder (MAC) or MyComputer (PC) and you should be able to see what you’ve recorded/captured.


2 thoughts on “How to connect the Olfi to a PC

  • Hello,
    whenever I connect the Olfi camera to my PC via USB cable, it starts charging up and I cannot choose either Mass Storage or PC Camera modes… What should I do? I need to use my Olfi camera as a webcam.

    Model: Olfi1.5
    Version: V3.2

    • Hi
      This could be something as simple as a faulty USB cable…do you have another you can try? What PC are you using and which OS?
      Olfi Camera


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