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How to get my PC to recognise the SD Card

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If you’ve inserted your memory card into your PC reader and nothing shows then there are a number of things you can try.

  1. Update the drivers on your computer
  2. Clean your SD card metal contacts and/or card reader adapter contacts with a soft lint free cloth
  3. Check you haven’t somehow disable the reader on your computer
  4. Test your SD card in another device (another PC, phone etc) to see if it’s the reader at fault, or the memory card itself
  5. Disable then enable the card reader
  6. If connecting your SD card via a USB lead. Try another USB lead, or try inserting it direct into your computer or troubleshoot the USB driver the same way you’d troubleshoot the SD card reader, using the methods above.
  7. Last resort – Format your memory card inside you camera, and try again – WARNING – you will lose your footage and need to use recover software to get back any lost files.
  8. If your computer is over 10 years old, it may not be compatible with SDHC – Try connecting your camera (with the SD card inserted) using the USB cable to your computer, or purchase a SDHC reader for your PC.

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