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How to prevent the app from crashing

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How to prevent the app from crashing

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  • If you find that the app quits unexpectedly, it is usually because the memory card is due a format. It is good housekeeping to take all of your footage off your memory card and format it every so often to stop the memory card from holding too many strings of non-data which will eventually lead to corruption.


  • Another reason for the app quitting unexpectedly is if the memory card has been placed inside another device as well as the Olfi without being formatted in-between.


  • If the app quits when you are downloading or doesn’t reach 100%, this usually relates to not having enough memory on your phone to complete the transfer, and permissions not being fully granted to the Olfi app


  • It may also quit if you try to download 4k footage, as this is not possible through wifi

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