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How to use Olfi as a webcam

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When you connect your Olfi to a computer using the USB connection, your Olfi will automatically power on. If you then look at the rear screen of your Olfi, you’ll be prompted to select one of the following options: Charge Only, Mass Storage or PC Camera. To use the camera as a webcam, select Webcam. You’ll then need to open the App you want to use this as a webcam through (like Skype, Facetime etc), go to the settings for that app and select DEMO1 as the input camera in order to select the Olfi.

For most applications, your computer would need to use the internal mic of the computer for the audio or a separate mic as it isn’t common for action cameras internal mic to be used, although this is possible with some apps (but not Skype and Face Time unfortunately.)


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