Olfi® Sponsor attempts to break Guinness World Record!

When we get asked how we’d describe our Olfi athletes… words that come to mind are ballsy, fearless and downright heroic! Our newest sponsor – Jamie Barrow is no exception to this.

Who is Jamie Barrow? Only Britain’s fastest Snowboarder… No biggie!

Find out his story here:

Was holding the fastest snowboarder title enough for him? Of course not! Mr. Barrow is now going to try to break the Guinness World Record for the greatest vertical distance snowboarded in twelve hours!

The current record distance is 19,000m, or for people who don’t have an inordinately large ruler handy, it’s around double the height of Mount Everest. Jamie is aiming to smash that record by snowboarding three times the height of Everest (26,544m)!

As a big-hearted guy, Jamie has chosen to raise money for Snow Camp. The charity changes young peoples lives and gets them involved in the snow sports world. As an ambassador, his goal of raising £2000 will cover the cost of one new inner-city young person to complete the full Snow-Camp journey from start to finish, how incredible is that!

How can you donate?


When is this happening?

Date: 14th Feb 2018 (weather and snow conditions permitting)
Location: The Tiger Run, the Wasserngrat, Gstaad, Switzerland.

We wish you all the best, Jamie. Smash it!

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