Olfi Anti-Fog/Moisture Inserts


  • Prevents Fogging -Use in cold or humid climates to avoid excess moisture building up on your lens
  • Reduces the chance of water damage associated with excessive condensation
  • Reusable – use up to 4 times before baking in an oven

Olfi® Anti-Fog/Moisture Inserts

Made from high-quality silica gel on cellulose fibre, these inserts absorb moisture and keep it away from your camera. With 12 inserts included in each pack, these great little problem solvers are for use with the Olfi Waterproof Case, or any other action camera. Place these little beauties down the side of the case by the USB/HDMI ports on the camera, not at the back of the case.

Flood warning for all types of action cameras – DO NOT place the inserts at the back of the case.

Crystal clear footage

Your camera gives off a heat when its on and recording. We’ve all heard the weatherman on TV explaining what happens when hot air meets cold air – fog and condensation form. Don’t risk ruining your footage with a fogged up lens.

Prevent water damage

Don’t forget, you could also ruin your camera if moisture from excessive condensation droplets finds their way inside the ports. Be wise – use an insert!


Each insert can be used up to 4 times before needing to be cooked to remove the moisture. This process can be done twice so that you get up to 12 uses per insert.

To cook:

Bake in an oven at 300F/150*/130*(fan) for 5 minutes, allow cooling.


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