Olfi one.five Audio Enhancing Back Door


  • Improves audio output when the camera is in the protective housing.
  • No holes – reduces wind noise
  • Protects the camera – Dustproof and shockproof protection for the camera *Not waterproof

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Olfi® one.five Audio Enhancing Back Door

Want improved audio output from your Olfi one.five whilst still protecting it from knocks and falls? Look no further! The Olfi Audio Enhancing Back Door, a non-waterproof version of the one.five Waterproof protective back door improves the sound quality picked up by your Olfi, at low speeds, without exposing the lens to potential damage from knocks and scratches.

Less Wind Noise than standard skeleton housings

The trouble with skeleton backdoors is that they have large holes in them to improve the sound picked up by the action camera. With the one.five Audio Enhancing Backdoor, we swapped holes in the back for a very thin red rubber seal. This allows more sound to flood into the case without significantly increasing the amount of wind noise associated with open backdoors.

Don’t forget to change your back door back to the waterproof version when using it in water or wet conditions. The non-waterproof seal is red for a reason – It’s NOT waterproof.

Compatibility – Olfi one.five collection (1st gen and 2nd gen) – simply choose the option that suits your current waterproof case. Do you have the two-part closing clasp or the one-part closing clasp?


Audio enhancing back door for one-part closing clasp (customisable) protective case – Simply turn your camera upside down so that the mounting prongs point upwards, and the clasp sits on your left. Put the door at a 90-degree angle to the main case, and push outwards with your thumb, simples!

Audio enhancing back door for the two-part closing clasp – with the Case open and the lens facing away from you, put the door on a 90 degree angle to the main body of the case and push outwards with your thumbs.

Which case do you have?

Olfi one.five one-part Clasp, Olfi one.five two-part clasp


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