Olfi External Power Bundle

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  • Weatherproof Port Protection
  • Can be used in Rain, Snow, Hail etc
  • Endless Filming – never limited by battery life
  • Ideal for use Outside
  • Great for Time Lapses and Powering the Camera on a Motorbike.

Olfi® Camera - Break it Replace it     

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Never be limited by battery life again! The Olfi External Power Bundle allows you to power your Olfi action camera for as long as you like without solely relying on the cameras internal battery. Perfect for people wanting to do time lapses over an extended period of time, and also the ideal solution for motorbike riders wanting to power their camera using a hard wired USB connection, whilst still offering weatherproof protection for their camera.

Planning on doing a Time Lapse? Read our helpful guide to Time Lapses

What’s Included with the External Power Bundle?


The Olfi one.five Black boasts a cinematic 4K 24fps video resolution that captures every valuable moment. Whilst it’s loaded with a sweet shop of settings for you to fine-tune your skills and shoot like a pro, it also features an array of carefully thought out default settings to get you started. With a full-colour 1.5inch LCD screen to aid and assist, and built-in digital stabilisation to reduce natural shake, this lightweight, simple to use camera will suit videographers of all abilities. It even boasts a 16MP camera and a backlit Sony Exmor-R sensor to help your footage in low light, ensuring that you truly do not miss a thing. Don’t believe us? Go and check out our galleries.

Camera Carry Case Contents:

– Olfi one.five Action Camera (x1)
– Lithium-Ion Battery (x1)
– Long and Short 90º Connector (x1)
– Long Screw (x1)
– Curved 3M Adhesive Base (x1)
– 1x Flat 3M Adhesive Base (x1)
– USB Cable (x1)
– 30M Waterproof Case (x1)
– Frame Housing with reverse tripod adapter (x1)
– Short Clip (x1)
– J Clip (x1)
– Short Screws (x2)
– Anti-Vibration Plug (x1)
– OLFI Stickers (x3)


Tested specifically for use in your Olfi action camera. This Micro SD card will work perfectly across all of Olfi’s shooting modes from 4K to super slow-motion 120fps shots. With good quality settings at 1080p 60fps, you can expect this card to save about 2-3 4-6 hours of video.

Olfi Anti-Fog/Moisture Inserts

Get crystal clear footage and prevent fogging! Your camera gives off a heat when it’s on and recording. And we’ve all heard the weatherman on TV explaining what happens when hot air meets cold air – fog and condensation form. Don’t risk ruining your footage with a fogged up lens.

Place these inserts down the side of the camera, by the ports, in the waterproof case to prevent excessive condensation droplets from finding their way in to the cameras important bits. DO NOT place your insert at the back of the waterproof case, this can affect the back door resistance and cause a flood!

Olfi External Power Case

Give your Olfi the protection and power it needs to finish the job with this Weatherproof Protective Case with Charging Port Access.

Ideal for any situation where you want to film for an extended period of time and therefore need to externally power your camera whilst recording. Keeps your camera protected from rain, snow and hail by sealing the cable to the case using a screw top gland.




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