Olfi Floating Handgrip


  • Designed for greater stability and control of your shots
  • Waterproof, Buoyant and Vibrant
  • Comes with an adjustable hand strap for securely fitting to your wrist

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Olfi® Floating Handgrip

Secure the perfect shot. This buoyant hand grip delivers more stability and control than simply holding your camera —making it easy to aim and frame your shots. It comes with an adjustable hand strap connected to a vibrant orange marker for safely securing to your wrist, and is naturally buoyant so that it stays afloat and visible if you drop it. Bonus!

It’s waterproof

perfect for surfing, kayaking, wakeboarding etc. The bright orange marker means that it’s also suitable for use on the slopes. Drop it, and you’ll soon see the orange marker sitting in the now!

Not just for watersports

Great for use in Water, on land and in the air! The perfect accessory for taking selfies, POV or follow-cam footage.


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