Olfi Grab Bag of Mounts


  • Spares or Repairs
  • Spare Screws, Adhesive Stickies and Buckle Mounts
  • More mounts, more perspectives!

Olfi® Grab Bag of Mounts

When you’ve spent your precious time lining up your shots, the last thing you want to do is dismantle your hard work just because you need to use the mount elsewhere. Looking to expand your mounting options? We’ve got this in the bag!


1 x Short Buckle Mount, 1 x J Clip Buckle mount, 1 x Flat surface mount with Super strong adhesive sticky, 1 x Curved surface mount with super strong adhesive sticky, 1 x short screw, 1 x long screw, 1 x Anti-Vibration locking plug (for short clip), 1 x Long arm connector 1 x Short arm connector.


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