Olfi Head Strap

£9.99 inc. VAT | £8.33 ex. VAT (plus local taxes)

  • Hands-free filming
  • Adjustable and waterproof
  • Perfect for low impact sports and most outdoor activities

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Olfi® Head Strap

Precision angling for a better point of view

Use your J hook buckle mount for precisely angling your Olfi to point where you want it. Ideal for snowboarding, cycling, climbing, skating etc where you may want to adjust your angles as you record, for interesting perspectives and to engage your viewers. Remember, if you select Rotate in your Olfi camera settings, then mount your camera upside down, you’ll be filming the right way round and you’ll have twice the mounting positions available at your disposal for a more precise point of view – J clip cannot be used with the Anti-Vibration Locking Plug aka The White Rubber Thing

Secure Fit

Made from stretch-fit elastic, the Head strap also has a 2-point adjustable system featuring no-slip-grip backing to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for everyone’s head. For extra security, mount you head strap underneath your helmet and use your J clip buckle mount to get the right angle.


38-48cm (15-19 inches)


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