Olfi Mouth Mount

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  • Hands-Free POV
  • Comfortable to use
  • Breathable Scuba style mouthpiece and bite

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Olfi® Mouth Mount

This ergonomic mount was originally designed for evidential purposes, allowing the user to record and inspect from a handy point of view without using their hands. Whilst this is still a popular application for the mouth mount, the latest trend is using it in water, notably when surfing.

Hands-Free surfing

Your POV is wherever you are looking, and the placement of the Olfi on a mouth mount means you can see your feet, the front of the surfboard, and your moving hands – truly immersive! *Always be careful when using a mouth mount in water!

Hands-Free Inspection (even in tight spaces)

It’s obvious why this is the perfect mount for inspections, so long as you position the camera correctly, your camera will always be able to see the things your eyes can see. Great for tight spaces and perfect for those times when you need your hands!


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