Olfi one.five Remote & Stick

£29.99 inc. VAT | £24.99 ex. VAT (plus local taxes)

  • Remote Control with Detachable Olfi Monopod/Selfie Stick
  • Waterproof Remote  (3metres)
  • Remote Control to Stick attachment clip included

Out of stock

Out of stock

Olfi® one.five Remote & Stick

One of our Favourite Mounts!

This popular and versatile mount allows you to put yourself at the centre of the action (which is obviously where you should be 🙂 ) The “Stick” extends to 92cm to capture that iconic selfie shot. Retract The Stick to just 28cm for easy portability, or for the classic and steady “follow the action” shots. Not so much into selfies? Simply twist the Stick around to capture what’s in front of you – perfect for concerts, close-ups and for viewing hard to reach areas!

Remote with removable attachment clip included (fits on the Olfi “Stick” and other bars with 2.5cm diameter)

Wake your Olfi one.five up from Power Save mode or turn it OFF completely without disturbing your setup with the all-new (2018) Water Resistant Olfi remote control (Waterproof to 3m). You can use your remote to activate and change between Video, Photo or Burst Modes, and control the camera’s Wi-Fi to enable Live Preview on your Smart Device. The Olfi remote control uses radio frequency (RF, with up to 5metres range) rather than Wi-Fi to drastically reduce your camera’s battery consumption and is powered by a long-lasting watch battery. It also comes with a detachable remote clip (2.5cm diameter) which mounts perfectly to your “stick” and some bike handlebars.


All parts included can be used in water, but should be rinsed in freshwater and thoroughly dried after each use.

Already have a Stick? You can buy just the Remote and clip attachment here.

Buy the Olfi Reverse (male) Tripod Adapter and make your Stick compatible with any camera with a standard tripod mount thread here.

Remote control only compatible with one.five cameras. This remote is not compatible with the original Olfi.


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