Olfi one.five Remote

£24.99 inc. VAT | £20.83 ex. VAT (plus local taxes)

  • Waterproof Remote with Interchangeable Battery (3metres)
  • Removable attachment clip (2.5cm diameter) included
  • RF frequency to reduce camera battery consumption
  • Compatible with all Olfi one.five cameras.

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Out of stock

Olfi® one.five Remote

Mounting your Olfi in hard to reach places? Use the Olfi Remote (with removable attachment clip included (2.5cm diameter). Wake your Olfi one.five up from Power Save mode or turn it OFF completely without disturbing your setup with the all-new (2018 -Black face) Water Resistant Olfi remote control (Waterproof to 3m). You can use your remote to activate and change between Video, Photo or Burst Modes, and control the camera’s Wi-Fi to enable Live Preview on your Smart Device. The Olfi remote control uses radio frequency (RF, with up to 5 metres range) rather than Wi-Fi to drastically reduce your camera’s battery consumption and can be powered by an interchangeable long-lasting watch battery (DL2032). It also comes with a detachable remote clip (2.5cm diameter) which mounts perfectly to the “stick” and the wrist strap for remote, and some bike handlebars



Wake your Olfi up from Sleep mode, Start/stop recording, Take photos, Take burst photo, Turn wifi on, Power camera OFF.

Brushed Aluminium and rubber finish. All parts included can be used in water, but should be rinsed in freshwater and thoroughly dried after each use.

Want to mount your Remote?

Why not consider the Remote with a detachable wrist strap or the Remote and Selfie stick/Monopod.

Olfi Remote Control Product User Instructions:

(Waterproof to 3m)

This remote control is waterproof, so it can get wet! However, RF short wavelength frequency does not travel well under/through water (esp. Saltwater).

Remote Control Range: Up to 5 metres (must be closer to pair devices)

Remote Control Functions: Turn Camera Off, Video Mode, Burst Mode, Photo Mode, Turn WiFi on

Requires: Long-life DL2032 button battery (battery included, for demo purposes only)

To pair the remote with your camera: Turn your camera on. Press the power button briefly (once, possibly twice

depending on your last used setting) to enter the Main Menu. Next, using the keys on the side of your camera, scroll

down to the Remote Control Menu icon and select by pressing the shutter button (the shutter button is the other

button on the top of the camera with a camera picture on it). Next, follow the instructions on your Olfi screen to pair

your devices. You shouldn’t need to do this every time you use your remote.

How to use the remote: One press of a particular button puts the camera into that mode. The second press

activates the function.

Example: If your camera is in video mode already, pressing the video camera button on the remote will start it

recording, pressing it again will stop it. If you then want to take a photo, you will need to press the camera button to

put it in photo mode, and then press that button again to take a photo.

Changing Battery on the remote control:

On the under side of the waterproof remote control, there are 4 small rubber looking circles. With a craft knife, gently

lift the rubber covers. Underneath there will be small screws. Using your screwdriver, unscrew these screws to

remove the back door. The rest is pretty self-explanatory. However, when putting the back door back on, ensure you

line up the 3 points on the back door and the battery compartment, to ensure that the door goes on easily. When

you’re all done, the rubber covers removed at the start should just sit back in place when everything is put back

together – just ensure you tamp them down.

Please Note: The remote control should be rinsed in freshwater after coming into contact with saltwater or chlorine.


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