Olfi one.five Waterproof Door


  • Solid and durable
  • Spares or Repairs
  • New waterproof seal and hinge included

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Olfi® one.five Waterproof Door

You need to keep your Olfi one.five Protective cases clean and in good condition to maintain its waterproofing. If you notice that your back door (or seal) has started to wear, replace it.

Stainless steel hinge

The hinge of the back door is stainless steel, and won’t rust unless exposed to Chlorine or Saltwater, and not rinsed off after each use. Rusting can cause residue to build upon your case, making it harder to close the door or leaving a rust residue to build up on the back door and ruining the waterproofing of the case.

New Waterproof Seal

To keep your protective case waterproof, you need to maintain your waterproof case. Most importantly, you need to rinse the buttons on the case after each use to prevent residue build-up from saltwater and chlorine, but two vital things to maintain are the seal and the hinge joint. If you notice the seal on your case looking worn, dirty or pinched (from misalignment), it may not be waterproof. Invest a little in replacement parts, and your action camera will last longer!

Weight 15 g
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one.five one-part clasp, one.five two-part clasp


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