Olfi Power and Record Case


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  • For Olfi one.five Black edition (2nd Gen – Nov 2018)
  • Includes Mini USB charging cable with weatherproof screwtop cover
  • Power and Record ability in Rain/snow 

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Doing an extended time lapse outdoors and filming for a couple of hours at a time? Going for a tour on your motorbike and want weather protection as well as mains powering the camera? Give your Olfi the protection and power it needs to finish the job with this weatherproof* protective case with port access.

Ideal for outdoor extended time lapses, power and recording your Olfi during a Motorbike tour, or any power and record situation where you need to protect your camera from rain, snow or hail but also wish to power your camera at the same time.

Compatible with Olfi one.five BLACK Edition (2nd Gen – Nov 2018). For a port access solution for the 1st Generation Olfi one.five or Olfi one.five White, please contact us direct for all the available bespoke modification options.

* Weatherpoof when used with the power and record cable with screwtop gland cover or as a sealed unit with the (included) screw top bung.

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 8 mm

1 review for Olfi Power and Record Case

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    I have put a video review of this case up on YouTube, please feel free to have a look: https://youtu.be/XxQLRjTWKQM

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