Olfi one.five Pro Bikers Bundle

£199.50 inc. VAT | £166.25 ex. VAT (plus local taxes)

A bundle that’s perfect for people who prefer two wheels.
Save over £30 and receive a £5 voucher.

What’s included?

  • Olfi 4k Action Camera
  • £5 Olfi Gift Voucher
  • 32GB Micro SD Card
  • Handlebar Mount
  • The Spanner
  • Charging Bundle
  • Suction Cup
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Olfi® one.five 4K Action Camera

The Olfi one.five boasts a cinematic 4K 24fps video resolution that captures every valuable moment. Whilst it’s loaded with a sweet shop of settings for you to fine-tune your skills and shoot like a pro, it also features an array of carefully thought out default settings to get started. With a full-colour 1.5inch LCD screen to aid and assist, and built-in digital stabilisation to reduce natural shake, this lightweight, simple to use camera will suit videographers of all abilities. It even boasts a 16MP camera and a backlit Sony Exmor-R sensor to help your footage in low light, ensuring that you truly do not miss a thing.

£5 FREE Gift Voucher

Perfect for an accessory you’d like to add to your Olfi collection or maybe on your way to another Olfi one.five Camera!

Olfi 32GB Micro SD Card

Tested specifically for use in your Olfi action camera. This Micro SD card will work perfectly across all of Olfi’s shooting modes from 4K to super slow-motion 120fps shots. With good quality settings at 1080p 60fps, you can expect this card to save about 2-3 hours of video.

*Sadly, there are some fakes memory cards floating around and these aren’t too easy to spot before you buy. To keep things simple for our users, our own Olfi branded memory cards perfectly complement your camera. These cards have a write speed of 60MB/s, so they’re more than fast enough to handle what your Olfi can throw at them.

Olfi Handlebar Mount

Clip your Olfi to your bike’s handlebars or seat post for a new perspective. This mount includes 90º adaptors and extension arms to help you get the perfect angle.

Olfi “The Spanner”

Get your Olfi mounts super tight and secure with the Olfi “Spanner”. Simply slide “The Spanner” over the screw on your mount and tighten up. Perfect for keeping your mounts still during high-speed activities. Remember, “Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty”.

Olfi Charging Bundle

Keep shooting for longer with the Olfi one.five Battery & Charging Bundle. It couldn’t be more simple, there are 2 batteries and a charger to fit both. Pop them in, leave to charge then hit the slopes/mountain/sea (you get the idea). Each 900mAh battery will provide up to 1 hour 30 mins of recording time, so there are no excuses to miss the action.

Olfi Suction Cup

The Olfi Suction cup is ideal for use on any flat surface like a normal, big and clunky suction cup but is twice as strong! Uniquely, this suction cup can be attached to a curved surface like a helmet, ski, bike or car body. Even if the surface is slightly rough, the soft jelly rubber padding will block up any small gaps and create a secure seal. This rubber padding also helps dampen vibration found in high-speed activities. This really is the must-have mount for everyone in every sport.


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