Olfi Suction Cup


  • Mount to Smooth or even slightly rough surfaces
  • Suitable for slightly curved surfaces
  • Perfect for in-car or car body mounting

Olfi® Suction Cup

This is no ordinary suction cup – This is awesome! Tested to 200mph on the side of a car, the Olfi suction cup does exactly what the ‘regular mans’ suction cup will do, and more. Not only can you attach it to any flat surface, but it’s ingenious jelly/rubber suction material, which absorbs the vibrations and natural shake associated with high-speed activities, also allows you to attach the suction cup to slightly rough surfaces, as well as curved surfaces such as helmets, skis, motorbikes and car bodies. It really is an all-around MUST-BUY!

Jelly type base for added adhesion and security.

Powerful suction.


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