Olfi Surf Mount

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Olfi® Surf Mount

Attach your Olfi to surfboards, standup paddle boards, sea kayaks, boat decks etc. The adhesive sticky pads provide maximum adhesion 24 hours after mounting, and with the addition of the included tether for greater security, you can go out in the surf with confidence after a bit of standard prep. The Surf pack also includes an FCS compatible male plug to mount your camera using an FCS centre fin socket.

Remember to scrape away old surf wax and clean the surface with solvent cleaner before applying the sticky adhesive – and leave to bond for 24 hours before going out!

We highly recommend that you use an Olfi floater when using your Olfi in open waters. If for some reason, your camera falls into the water, it will float whilst you go and retrieve it.

How to Mount to a curved base (with some adhesion science included – don’t just stick onto a curved surface!)

Step 1:

Scrape away old surf wax & solvent clean. Keep the backing on the adhesive and do a dry test run in the place where you intend to mount it, to see any gaps at the sides where you need good adhesion to stop it peeling off! (if you think just pressing hard to compress the foam adhesive on the Olfi to account for a large gap is ok then that could be an expensive mistake)

Step 2:

Apply some Epoxy or polyester adhesive around the circle perimeter. Press the mount down to spread out the adhesive and wipe the excess off the edges (don’t put much adhesive on as you only need a bit on the edges to level the mount area). Allow this to cure. The mount will come away as it still has the silicone paper on it. Now sand this to prep for bonding and wipe with solvent. Now you have a flat base to stick to all ready to go.

Step 3:

Take the backing paper off the mount and stick it to the flat base. Customer Recommendation (which we had to share) – Use Polyester UPOL car body filler on a polyester surfboard, and epoxy filler on an epoxy board.


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