Olfi Tethers

£9.99 inc. VAT | £8.33 ex. VAT (plus local taxes)

  • 2 x Complete tether sets
  • Super strong sticky adhesive backing
  • Put your Olfi in Handcuffs
  • Ideal for high speed or impact sports.

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Olfi® Tethers

Worried about your camera coming off after an impact? Worried about losing your Olfi? Tether your Olfi to you using the Olfi adhesive tethers. Stick one to the back door of your waterproof case, and another to your helmet or mounting surface, for a tight tether solution which will help keep your Olfi attached to you in the event of your mount breaking. Mounting elsewhere? No problem, Instead of using the second sticky pad, simply tie the string to you or the mounting surface.

An affordable solution to prevent an expensive accident.

Waterproof cases and mounts can be replaced easily, but if your camera goes flying off a bridge into the water, it’s gone! This is the perfect solution for every type of action camera.

To Apply

Apply the tether adhesive to your back door 24 hours before you go out. Ensure the surface is clean and smooth before application. Use some alcohol or nail varnish remover to clean the mounting area of any grease residue prior to application.


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