Olfi Waterproof Case Rescue Packages


  • Spares or Repairs
  • New waterproof seal, closing clasp and lens bezel (Lens Bezel not included for Original Olfi)
  • Case maintenance


To keep your camera safe, you need to show your waterproof case some love, and that means cleaning and checking it every time you use it. As with everything waterproof, parts need to be kept in a good condition to maintain its effectiveness. You wouldn’t plunge your Rolex watch into water without getting it serviced first, and if you did, it’d be a very expensive mistake to make. If you use your camera often, we recommend that you change your case every 12 months or so, especially if you’re using it in water.

Weight 10 g
Which camera/case do you have?

Olfi one.five one-part clasp, Olfi one.five two-part clasp, Olfi Original (not suitable for one.five)


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