Olfi Waterproof Cases


  • Spares and Repairs
  • Waterproof to 30 metres
  • Dustproof

Olfi® Waterproof Cases

Maintaining your waterproof case is the key to having a long relationship with your Olfi. The protective waterproof case is a very popular spare. They’re there to protect your camera, but they’re not indestructible. Respect the case.

We have three waterproof cases available.

The one-part closing clasp case was the initial case option for the Olfi One.Five action camera. It’s waterproof to 30 metres but is an ideal replacement case for motorcyclists wanting to modify a case to allow them to power and record, whilst protecting their camera from knocks and rain.

The two-part closing clasp case was adopted as the standard waterproof case, included with each camera, from July 2018. We changed the mechanism in response to people mis-closing their case – EEK! This case is, without a doubt, the best case to purchase for a replacement part. However, due to the location of the clasp, this case cannot be modified to allow power and record.

The Olfi Original case is for the Original Olfi camera (not suitable for the Olfi One.Five). Waterproof to 30metres, this case comes complete with a replacement skeleton housing back door.

Here’s an idea!

For those of you who use the Olfi for action, as well as lifestyle activities, why not have two protective cases? Use one case for water-based activities, and allow the other to take the bangs and knocks of adventure sports?

Note: Camera, short clip and screw for illustration purposes only (not included).

Buy this as a spare or replacement.

Weight N/A
Case Type/Camera Type

One.Five Case (one-part Clasp – Customisable), One.Five Case (two-part Clasp), Original Case (not suitable for Olfi One.Five)


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