Update your Olfi one.five (1st Gen)

Get the best out of your camera by keeping the software up to date.

Simply download the firmware file, and follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Current Firmware Version:

v2.7  (April 2018) (1st Gen only)



How do I update the firmware?

• Press on the v.27 Firmware download button (above). You will be taken to our dropbox page. Select open

Your computer will display a file called FWOLFI.BIN and a file called Firmware changes, which should sit in your downloads file. If it doesn’t, simply search for it on your computer. The important file is the FWOLFI.BIN file. This is the only file you need to add to your memory card.

• Your file needs to read as FWOLFI.BIN. If it has renamed itself to anything else (FWOLFI(1).BIN or FWOLFI(copy).BIN etc) you need to rename the file FWOLFI.BIN, or the update will not work.

• You do not need to open the FWOLFI.BIN file. Doing so, will create a second file called FWOLFI.BIN.cpgz. If this happens, just delete the cpgz file.

• Connect your memory card to your computer using the SD card slot, or by putting it inside your Olfi and connecting the device using your USB power cable (You will need to select Mass Storage on your Olfi, when connected if using the USB cable).

• Locate the FWOLFI.BIN file on your computer and paste/move the file onto your SD card location in Finder or My Computer. Put this at the root of the SD card (underneath the DCIM folder (if its not a newly formatted card) or simply in the blank space where you’d normally see the DCIM folder. Do not place the file inside the DCIM folder, or the update won’t work.

• Safely eject your SD card or device from your computer by selecting the dismount/eject icon (or right clicking on your mouse and selecting the correct option). Please note: Failure to safely eject your device can cause your SD card to corrupt.

• Initiating the firmware update: Ensure your SD card is inside your Olfi and turn your Olfi on. Your camera will begin to flash slowly 5 times, then rapidly for a few seconds, reverting back to slow flashes before turning on. Update complete.

• You need to remove the firmware file from your memory card after you’ve completed the update otherwise it’ll load the firmware onto your camera every time you turn it on.

How do I remove the firmware from my memory card?

Choose an Option:

• Format your memory card inside your camera by going into the Setup Menu  (this WILL delete any files you may have on your SD card, as well as your firmware file).

• Format your memory card in a computer.

• Connect your memory card to your computer, find it, and delete the FWOLFI.BIN file from the memory card, and safely eject your device/memory card from your computer to avoid corruption.

What's new?

  • Corrects Time and Date errors. Ie. Random changes in time and date stamp on footage from what was set.
  • Fixes Screensaver setting reverting back to default (1minute) when altering OSD setting.
  • In all other modes EXCEPT Dashcam mode, the camera will now stay on when external power (such as a battery bank) has been withdrawn from the camera. In Dashcam mode, the camera will continue to record for 10 seconds after an external power source has been withdrawn before turning the camera off.
  • When in Time Lapse Mode with ‘Auto On via USB’ set to ‘on’, the camera will now power on and start the time lapse automatically when connected to a power source.
  • There is no longer a 10,000 photo limitation for TimeLapse. This issue was only present at 1minute intervals.
  • Selected Menu options are no longer blue, they remain white but highlighted red to signify what’s selected.
  • When the camera is in Rotate mode (Mounted upside down but recording the right way up), the camera is no longer head baffling to control. Keep the camera upside down and it’ll make sense how you operate the scroll keys, instead of trying to bend your brain the wrong way! (Wifi button is turned on using the down button)
  • The Olfi will now go into screensaver mode more than once when you have screensaver set fixing an issue when paired to the remote of the camera only going to sleep mode once.
  • Fixes issues where changing the metering setting doesn’t save it as a change with some sequences of settings.

Can I revert to Olfi one.five firmware v2.2?

I still don't understand/something went wrong

If you have any problems/don’t understand the instructions, please do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact form here.